Accepted Papers

SI No. Paper Id Title Authors
1 1570496272 A Novel Method for Pneumonia Diagnosis from Chest X-Ray Images Using Deep Residual Learning with Separable Convolutional Networks Rahul Sarkar; Animesh Hazra; Koulick Sadhu; Preetam Ghosh      
2 1570505155 Identification of Neural Correlates of Face Recognition Using Machine Learning Approach Shreya Gupta; Tapan Gandhi              
3 1570507653 Soft Computing Based Techniques for Medical Image Segmentation: A Logical Review Dibya Jyoti Bora; Saswati Saikia            
4 1570510398 An Overview of Remote Photoplethysmography Methods for Vital Sign Monitoring Ruchika Sinhal; Kavita Singh; Mukesh Raghuwanshi          
5 1570510419 Fuzzy Inference System for Efficient Lung Cancer Detection Rohit Raja                
6 1570510599 Medical Image Compression Scheme Using Number Theoretic Trasform Salila Hegde; Rohini Nagapadma            
7 1570511544 Diagnosis of Hepatoprotective Activity by Active Contour Based Segmentation and OSTU's Thresholding with Genetic Algorithm Sujatha Kesavan                
8 1570511945 Laser Scar Classification in Retinal Fundus Images Using Wavelet Transform and Local Variance Rashmi Raut; Visharad Sapate; Abhay Rokde; Samiksha Pachade; Prasanna Porwal; M Kokare
9 1570512087 A Novel Approach to Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Using Computer Vision Navoneel Chakrabarty; Subhrasankar Chatterjee          
10 1570512143 Design and Characterisation of a Superlattice T-Ray Device for Application in Medical Diagnostics Imaging: An Alternative to X-Ray Mammography Moumita Mukherjee                
11 1570513745 Macroscopic Reconstruction for Histopathology Images A Survey Mousumi Gupta; Bijoyeta Roy              
12 1570514634 Medical Diagnosis Under Uncertain Environment Through Bipolar-valued Fuzzy Sets Palash Dutta; Dhanesh Doley              
13 1570515437 Bayesian Fuzzy Clustering Based Segmentation Approach for Brain Tumour Classification Siva Raja P M S Perumal; Ramanan Krishnan          
14 1570516964 Feature Extraction for the Prediction of Mental Health Using Decision Tree Akshitha Shetty; Sunil Hiro Karamchandani; Vrushika Shah